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Kamiel Van Baelen

Kamiel Frans Jan Albert van Baelen (Turnhout (Belgium), August 15, 1915 - Dachau, April 11, 1945) was a Flemish novelist. He died in the Second World War as a
resistance fighter at Dachau. KVB obtained in his own country the status of a promising writer who made ​​a cautious start to a tradition of experimental novelists in Flanders. He  built his work on the basis of several story-lines and fairy tales, but also using newspaper reports and stock quotes.This way he carried on The New Objectivity in the thirties. His debut as a writer took place some time before the war in 1937, with a children's booklet: "Brammetje knapt het op". The booklet was published under his pseudonym "Pro Pius". During the war his debut as a novelist started with the book "De Oude Symphonie van ons Hart". In Turnhout he became during these years involved in the resistance. He was arrested in 1944 by the Germans and deported to a series of prisons and concentration camps (see map). His last novel, "Gebroken Melodie" was never completed but was nevertheless published after the war in 1946. Translated and adapted from Wikipedia.

Kamiel van Baelen

geboren: 15 augustus 1915 te Turnhout
overleden: 11 april 1945 te Dachau

Biografie(Ć«n) over Kamiel van Baelen

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Werken van Kamiel van Baelen

Brammetje knapt het op (1937)
De oude symphonie van ons hart (1943)
Een mensch op den weg (1944)
Gebroken melodie (1946)

Uitgaven van Kamiel van Baelen

Zes gedichten in handschrift (1980)
Volledig werk. Deel 2 (1981)
Volledig werk. Deel 1 (1981)
Volledig werk (1981)

Secundaire literatuur over Kamiel van Baelen in de dbnl

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